Sunday, January 22, 2006

Follow-Up to Succession Story

It seems that my previous post has provoked fellow blogger Jewaira from Kuwait to write about me in her story. I wasn't going to write any further on this issue, but I would like to respond and clarify my position with a few points:

1) I am not a "reporter". I am just a person with an opinion, in this case only a suspicion, based on what I wrote in the post below. Actually, my entire knowledge of Kuwaiti affairs can be found in that post.

This does not appear to be a man suffering from Alzheimer's and incapable of uttering an oath to swear himself in as Emir, as q8 says.

3) If he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, it does not make sense that a whole faction of the Kuwaiti royal family would back him as the new Emir... unless Alzheimer's in Kuwait is contagious.

From an outsider's point of view, it looks like a classic coup d'etat.


4) Sheikh Jaber al-Sabah was himself gravely ill and made only few public appearances in the years before his death. Therefore am I wrong to assume that Sheikh Saad, now being in the same exact position afforded to the late Emir, is being discriminated against because of who he is?

I believe I have now sufficiently made my case.

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