Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Palestinians Invading Egypt, Kill 2 Soldiers and 30 Wounded

My worst fears are coming true. Palestinians are already invading Egypt. They bulldozed our border, killed 2 Egyptian troops and wounded 30. At least 1,000 Palestinians according to witnesses crossed this time into Egypt, I am sure to infiltrate immigration and settle with their relatives on our territory. Meanwhile it appears that our wonderful Pan-Arab government initially gave our troops orders not to fire on the wonderful, poor, suffering and invading Palestinians, and only started to fire back when they realized that our brethren were invading and killing our soldiers.

[Update: I was wrong. It turns out the Egyptian soldiers were under orders from their commanding officers not to defend themselves and not to fire on the invading and shooting Palestinian brothers. Read next post.]

Here is the CNN report.

I call on all Egyptian bloggers to organize a mass protest tomorrow against the Palestinian invasion of our country.


Canadianpharaoh said...

As proud Egyptian-Canadian and nationalist blogger I totally agree with your point of view. The army must act immediately with all of its power to stop these people from destroying our homeland. Just look at all the chaos they created when they were in Lebanon...They tried to do the same in Jordan but the Jordanians responded with a heavy hand. I guess it's the only way!

Guess they're trying to do the same in Egypt. May the people of the great land of Egypt stand up and defend their borders. We should lay down the law once and for all and totally close the border. Egypt forever!

PS I also wrote a blog about this issue on my Canadianpharaoh blog.

Seneferu said...

Hi Canadian Pharaoh, I earlier read the post on your blog as well:)

Scorekeeper said...

Here is Nonie's email address.