Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Prophecies, Prophecies..."

We are indeed prophetic, as Sandmonkey says, when it comes to foreseeing the reprecussions of this moronic boycott against Denmark.

My own humble prophecy is listed here, shortly followed by a bigoted comment by Colonel Sanders, then followed by me with a brief glimpse of what otherwise could have been.

Our prophecies came true here and here, explained for the reasons analysed here, and crowned with the ultimate source of stupidity plagueing the Arab World which can (and highly recommendedly should!) be found -> here.

The secret to our Supernatural Powers? Ok, Sandmonkey gives it up here: we tried to use our brains. Sorry, folks...this time there's no magic involved.

Maybe we should form a Middle Eastern Prophetic Bloggers Syndicate and send a monthly newsletter of "Do's & Don'ts" [these Catastrophies] to the morons sitting in the Arab League?

We are afterall in the land of the prophets, aren't we?;-)

Prophecies anyone?

(Discounts till the end of February!)


Roba said...

LOL, good post ;)

Seneferu said...

Thank you, Roba. Welcome to my prophetic lounge:-)

(What do you think of this newsletter and the prophetic bloggers syndicate? I think it sounds like a good idea!)

Anonymous said...

I think after all the talks and pictures of burning danish stuff in the media.
->Pandoras Box is Open...

Also in USA: