Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogger plagiarism?

I know this is the internet, but it doesn't hurt to give credit where it is due.

I wrote some comments earlier to a post here, that a few days later were mysteriously resonated in this post here.

(I hate to sound petty, but...)


Youssef M. Assad said...

You're right, it is petty.

He's propagating an observation which you made, not plagiarising you. There's a pretty big difference.

Seneferu said...

Thank you for the compliment, Youssef:-). I wish to further indulge in my pettyness by showing you Georgetown's definition of plagiarism:

[ Plagiarism is defined by the Honor Council document as "the act of passing off as one's own the ideas or writings of another." In the Appendix to the Honor Council pamphlet called "Acknowledging the Work of Others" (which is used by permission of Cornell University), three simple conventions are presented for when you must provide a reference:

1. If you use someone else's ideas, you should cite the source.

2. If the way in which you are using the source is unclear, make it clear.

3. If you received specific help from someone in writing the paper, acknowledge it. ]



Tomanbay said...

hey hey...this is college all over again!!
sorry ya 3m if it was similar...bas really it is mentioned in the page i linked to...sometime it is hard to remember where somebody got an ideo from...but i'll credit you anyhow!!!
(gee, u could have asked!!)

Seneferu said...

Toman, I left you a comment earlier in your blog. But after a prolonged (seemingly indefinite) non response, I had no choice but to resort to this post:))