Saturday, May 06, 2006

Screwing the Egyptians

Through the workings of a conference held in their stronghold of the Egyptian Doctor's Syndicate, the Muslim brotherhood has raised 5 million Egyptian pounds in one day for donation to the Palestinian Authority. Interesting flex of muscles, but this may even be considered moderate compared to their initial call for Egyptians to donate a quarter of their salaries to the Hamas-led Palestinians. Of course there is no similar act of charity when it comes to helping the impoverished Egyptians who are working down the street of this syndicate.

What to expect when the leader of the Brotherhood's motto is, literally: Toz fe Masr or "Screw Egypt"? No matter how disagreeable you may find this statement though, you must respect him for his honesty in expressing his group's philosophy, which can't be said of the similar agenda of the Nasserists.

And don't you find it alarming that all syndicates are ruled by either one of these two groups? This is what makes "the opposition", period, so unappealing.

Interesting AP story:

The power-contending movement of "Screw Egypt" squezes 5 million pounds in one night out of the pockets of the screwed Egyptians, for donation to the groups that habitually screw the Egyptians , as periodically demonstrated here, here (update here), here and here.


3amar ya Masr...

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Egyptian Bet said...

طول ما الناس ساكتة على اللى بيجرالها تستحق اللى هى فيه
و طول ما "المثقفين" بيخونوا المصريين و سايبنهم فى الضلمة دى, هنقول زيك عمار يا مصر