Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here it is

I searched all of yesterday's and today's papers for any mention of the latest attack on the Egyptian border and found none. I oddly felt strange about this.

However I was told that I was wrong, and was led to a marginal column on page 9 of yesterday's edition of Al Ahram.

Leilouta writes the lyrics of this song Ween el Malayeen by Julia Boutros:

Where are the millions? Where is the Arab world? Where is the Arab anger? Where is the Arab blood?Where is the Arab honor?Where are the millions? Where? Where? God is with us stronger and bigger than the Zionists They strangle, kill, bury...

And these questions we are asked every day evoke in our artists this amazing drawing by Leilouta when she was only 14 years old.

Hidden in a back page of our media machine, here is a glimpse of where they are.

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Xme said...

i've heard about the bomings on the bordeds.. but got no one to confirm it though.. i don't know..
but even if.. i do not think egypt would do a thing now adays..