Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy new year?

Today marks the 1st of Tout, the beginning of the Egyptian agricultural calendar. I don't know why this article classifies the ancient calendar as different from the one we still use today, it's the same exact one with the same names and everything.

Essential to the farmer, it has worked like clockwork for thousands of years with the annual innundation of the Nile and the all year prediction of the Egyptian climate.

How relevent is this now to us non-agricultural cyber community of bloggers? Some of us may find it interesting, others may find it annoying, but it's all good:-)

Meet Tout.

* photo by Jon Bodsworth.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting--ancient ties to the past. Amazing what knowledge endures from the past. Lynne in Texas

Demira said...

Happy New Year, Senefru 8)

Seneferu said...

Lynne, there is this day in this calendar called eid el Ghatas, where it is expected to rain...and it almost certainly does!

And to you too, Demira:-)