Monday, October 23, 2006

هكذا قال هو

.أنا بجد مش عارف أضحك وللا أعمل ايه بظّبت. ناس بتفتى بجد

".فتوى الكلاب فى شروط دخول الرحاب"

:و على صعيداً آخر...هكذا قال هو راخر

On a more serious note, this Mufti really has to go. Either he has fooled many people into thinking he is open minded, or he is open minded about some issues while clearly schizophrenic about others. First he bans statues and now this. This side of him is a wahabi not only in our midst, but at the helm of Egypt's Islamic establishment. The man has to go.


MemZ said...

eid mubarak ya senefru! I hope we all get saved from the wahabi fuck heads!

Seneferu said...

mubarak to you too, memz:)

bambouti said...

kol sana we enta tayyeb

Leilouta said...

فتوى الكلاب والقطط ملا بهيم!! أووووووووووووووووووووه بربي خليني ساكته!!!