Friday, October 13, 2006

Honesty's a hurtful thing

Or at least it is where I am coming from.

In my last post I tried to construct an argument explaining a misunderstood part of our history, based on which Sadat's whole presidency is sometimes unfairly condemned. And here I am, having a monastic desert father; a man who was practically a living saint, support my argument and say, "They are from God."

...And yet I am still unhappy, or uneasy is the word.

"God is a comic playing to an audience that's afraid to laugh." - Voltaire
[h/t Shahrazad]


Seneferu said...

Although I must say that the positive responses I got did alleviate my unhappiness and turn it into happiness:)

شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

Glad to hear you're happy!
Now stay that way.:)

Ayyam said...

Thanks Seneferu,
I just read your 2 informative posts and the comments on them, indeed I got interested in reading more about Sadat's period, which I am totally unaware of,..Well I guess he had his ups and downs but at least he tried do something genuinely productive for Egypt and her people. Apart from his worries about Israeli withdrawal from the rest of Sinai, Sadat apparently felt like a father who shouldn’t be questioned or told what to do, that is why, I guess, he lashed out in the end. I would say anybody in his situation would most probably do the same thing , giving the uncertainties during this period ...After all Sadat was a realistic man and a great politician who did remarkable things to Egypt which dwarf any miscalculated decision near the end of his presidency.
May God forgive him and accept him in heaven inshaallah.

بقول لك أيه بكره أنا ناوى أعمل بط بالفريك..الفطار عندى أن شاء الله

Seneferu said...


Thanks, I'll try. And thank you for the quote!


العزومة عندك ف البلوج بتاعك؟ هجيب أنا معايا صورة الكنافة , و هتبقى هاى ريزولوشن إنما ايه