Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's the 6th of October

In memory of all those who fought and lost their lives to liberate the occupied Egyptian lands

And in memory of Sadat who brilliantly led the war against all odds...and sacrificed his life for the peace.


Anonymous said...

are u serious?

Memz said...

god bless him!

Seneferu said...

Forsooth, I am...about which part do you mean? Elaborate and we can discuss.

Seneferu said...

Memz, congratulations on the new blog and I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

Memz said...

Thanks, hopefully it will go well!
u know, i wish one day i can understand haw nasseri people think!

Egypeter said...

With all due respect Senefru, the last "good" ruler Egypt had was probably Ramsis II.

Mohammed Ali was pretty decent. And King Farouk presided over a relatively prosperous Egypt.

BUT Nasser, Sadat and now Muburak have all been ENORMOUS ENORMOUS disasters!! How any Egyptian can praise any of these three is so beyond me I can't put it in words.

This just shows the political state of modern Egypt. To find Egyptians praising any of these three useless tyrants shows how desperate Egyptians are for effective leadership.

Since the coup every single president has resided over a worsening country. Just look at how Egypt was in the 50's compared to what Egypt looks like in the 21st century. A world of difference. Back then, relative to other countries at the time, Egypt was a much better and stronger country than it is now.

And I'm afraid things will only get worse for Egypt.

Seneferu said...

Thanks for expressing your differences, I encourage you to do this more often.

You have to put things in perspective, Peter:

Egypt was occupied, he liberated it.

It was in a state of war, he brought peace.

Your turn.

Egypeter said...

Thanks Senefru.

Look, I think ALL Egyptians should be thankful for Sadat's early victories in the Yom Kippur War and regaining the Sinai Peninsula, which is rightfully Egypts. I am also thankful for the Camp David Peace Agreement that he signed as well. But the positives during his reign end with those two things. And that's it.

The wave of religious extremism that is currently plaguing Egypt can be directly tied to Anwar Sadat as he freee all the radicals that Nasser imprisoned. And then of course they later assasinated him.

From wikipedia:

"In September of 1981, Sadat cracked down on intellectuals and activists of all ideological stripes, imprisoning communists, Nasserists, feminists, Islamists, Coptic Christian clergy, university professors, journalists, and members of student groups. The arrests totaled nearly 1,600, receiving worldwide condemnation for the extremity of his techniques. Meanwhile, internal support for Sadat disappeared under the pressure of an economic crisis and Sadat's suppression of dissidents."

Imprisoning all of Egypt's "intellectuals" and violently supressing dissent has led to, I believe, many of the problems that Egypt is suffering from.

And of course who can forget the "House Arrest" that he put Pope Shenouda under? A truly criminal act. What was his crime???? Absolutely nothing. How could he have done that??

I just think he was a lousy president and got what he had coming to him.

One day, I hope and pray, Egypt will have a leader like Mustufa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey. An individual who will transform and change the country into a modern, progressive, productive country like he did with Turkey. Egypt is in desperate need of a civil and secular government/leader that will ressurect the country from the depths that it has sunk to. I hope this happens before too long for all Egyptian's sake.

BTW - of course, this is just my opinion :) Thanks for letting me share it with you!

God bless and protect Egypt "Umm il dunya" (and Senefru :)

Seneferu said...

I disagree with most of what you said.

Stay tuned, and thank you for blessing me:) Barakatak ya 3am Peter.

Egypeter said...

Lookin' forward to it Seneferu..

Egyptian_Patriot said...

Egypter, your absulotley right about everything. Mind you, Sadat had his positives. But in a free democratic country his preformance as a president wouldn't have been enough to keep him in power. The problem dictatorships, is regardless of how good the president as an individual is, it will still be a dieing country. Sadat suppressed the educated and progressives and encouraged the islamists and endorsed their messages. He spent an arm and a leg getting egyptians to donate to the so called 'arab afghans' and so forth. It's not until he realised that the baby crocodile is growing older that he reversed his policies. But it was too late, a lead bullet got introduced to his frontal lobe.

Seneferu said...

None of the bullets went near his head.