Sunday, November 19, 2006

أبشروا , أبشروا

This is divine comedy I tell you. If only some of our editors, writers and politicians of the region knew how funny they were, they would be legendary comedians of the billionaire club by now.

Allow me to translate this little gem for you:

Arab League prize for the writer of "The End of Israel"

Screenwriter Ayman Alshandawili won the Secretary General of the Arab League prize for best pan-Arab work in the gathering of the Arab Producers' Association which ended last Thursday, for the idea and scenario of the film "The End of Israel", as Riyad No'man Agha, Syrian minister of culture, handed the League's prize to Shandawili in place of Secretary-General Amr Moussa for his travels to Ethiopia.

The film acquired the acceptance of the censorship board to film under the same name in the year 2000 after many struggles with the censors. The events of the film revolve around a group of Arab youth immigrants to America who discover by coincidence an electronic plan by Israel to hit the Arab countries by nuclear weapons, and those youth take upon themselves the mission to save the region. They hack the Israeli systems through the internet to change the path of the missiles from the Arab region to Israel itself.

Things I find funny about this:

1) Just the imagery itself of the rockets changing their path in midair from "the Arab region" and, oops!, going to Israel itself...something you are likely to see when watching early morning cartoons.

2) The author and the prize-givers overlook the fact that if such a scenario were to happen, the Palestinians and a good chunk of the surrounding area would also be wiped out. As long as it's the end of Israel though; they're happy!

3) How the "censorship board" and the censors are so casually mentioned there in the middle of the article...and you would think that something a little more provocative would be produced after such a long tussle with the censors.

Bisho really should move to Hollywood...Move over, Borat.

*Courtesy of Almasry Alyoum.


MemZ said...

the sad and depressing reality of this region never fails to shock me! Can and will ever gypt pack and leave this god forsaken, hate filled area

shlemazl said...
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shlemazl said...

LoL. I like your comments.

Seneferu said...
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