Sunday, January 07, 2007

دعارة مشروعة

أفلام نقابة المرتزقيين .. تقدم

بطولة : مصطفى بكرى

كومبارس : الصحفيين

Bakri to the big G: Me wuvs you new daddy # 1!

(Disclaimer: the owner of this blog has no right to infer things despite tricky illusions alluding to the contrary. Damn you, Satan! Damn you!)


hany said...

I wasn't for the death sentence or all the barbarism and chaos that ended up surrounding it. And I thought Saddam was going to be tried for alot of other crimes against humanity...

But the thing is that "aba Adai" di ma7asaletsh... ain anti ya 7omrat el khagal.

Mohamed said...

3ash batalan wa mat ragolan??????
Could somebody say it loud and clear to those third rate prostitues and mercenaries like Mostafa Bakry and 3abdel Bary 3atwan who fill the air with their demagoguery whenever they appear on al gezeera how phony they are? Seriously, is there anyone out there who believes anything those pieces of crap write or say, and still claims to have a brain? How did he "3ash batalan", by gassing that kurdish baby in his grandad's arms or by destroying his country in that 8 year war with iran for no reason whatsoever (maybe just for the heck of it is a good enough reason for him).
Hany, you definitely beat me to the "aba 3adey" thing that son of a bitch used in his column, I don't know if he meant by using it to humanize him (reminding us that one day he was a caring and loving father to that sweet and innocent misunderstood monster), or to glorify him (by reminding us again that he's the one who raised such a towering once in a millenium psychotic thing like 3adey), I don't think he was able to convey whatever he meant to the reader, to me it honestly sounded like a shteema, and I don't think any reader, no matter how retarded, is going to read the "aba 3adey" thing then very affectionately and fondly remeber 3adey and say rabena yer7amoh, kan wad metraby we mo2adab we byetkesef 3al a'7er, 2atalool el kelab we howa fe 3ez shababoh. If this was a fair a world, Mostafa Bakry should have been an Iraqi whose daughter was raped by 3adey, then thrown from the tenth floor, maybe then he wouldn't be so sad about "aba 3adey".