Friday, June 29, 2007


:التايمز أون لاين

In the ensuing years Mr Marwan provided information on Egypt and the Arab world that Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defence Minister, and others would later term priceless.

:ونقلاً عنها فى المصرى اليوم

ولفتت الصحيفة إلي أن مروان قام في السنوات التالية بتقديم معلومات حول مصر والعالم العربي، والتي وصفها كل من وزير الدفاع الإسرائيلي في ذلك الوقت موشي دايان وآخرون بأنها عديمة القيمة.


Mohamed said...

Man, that's one of the strangest coincidents to happen to me, I read a book called The Eve of destruction , the untold story of the yom kippur war, maybe a year or so ago, and there was a mention of a double agent code named "the in law" and in other stories "agent babel", who supplied Israel before the war with a lot of bs about Egypt's unwillingness and inability to goto war, which according to the book made the Israelis lax and less vigilent. In my brainwashed retarded mind, I was entirely convinced while reading the book that this agent was Raafat El Hagan. Until I started to read in the Israeli press within the last month (mainly Haaretz) that isareli intelligence officers are coming out and confirming the in law story but their angle was that "the in law" was really working for them and not the egyptians, I got a little bit convinced by their version and didn't completely dismiss it as propaganda and the one who came to my mind right away was Sami Sharaf, as there were strong rumors that he was a spy for the soviets, so spying for Israel wouldn't be a big problem for the bastard, one problem, he was rotting in jail in 1973. So I only had to try to guess knowing that I'd probably never know who the in law is, my best guess, was again, Raafat el Hagan, but this time working for the other side. Until lo and behold, one morning two weeks ago, while checking Haaretz's site, I found that Eli Ziera (head of the israeli military intelligence in 1973) is nice enough to offer the name of Ashraf Marawan as the "in law", check haaretz site
I have no idea which version of the story is the correct one, the hero "in law" story as described in The eve of destruction, or the traitor "in law" outed by Ziera, I don't know. And given that the man is dead, and can't defend himself, and because I hate his son of a bitch father in law so much, which would definitely make me unfair to him and lean towards the traitor story, which isn't the right thing to do, given the ambiguity of the story.
The really strange thing though, was the Egyptian press' completely ignoring the Haaretz story when it broke out, as if they were afraid or something.
Check out the comments readers' comments on the masrawy web site, we are hilariously sha3b ahbal.
A real traitor though, with no need to argue about it was Nasser.

Maxxed`ouT said...

خطأ مطبعى بسيط

Brian the sailor said...

They're called paragraph breaks.

That makes it easier to read.

Now I'm going to go back and try to figure out what you were trying to say.

brian the sailor said...

Tried twice.
Still no clue. Sorry, perhaps I should drink less.

Mohamed said...

First of all Brian, the entire thing is one paragraph, second, if you weren't an Egyptian, or at least lived in Egypt for a considerable amount of time, then having a clue of what I'm talking about would make you an Einstein, so don't worry, you're Ok, you shouldn't have a clue, third, you might be right, I read my story again and found that it's a little bit complicated to follow, even for me, maybe I'm the one who had too much to drink :).

Memz said...

Isnt it funny, the whole world says he probably worked for the Mossad and our dear president says, he did not.

That said, has any one noticed the influx of spy stories with Israel. We jailed 2 this year, a third one died in prison and allegedly a 4th one fell off a balcony in London. I bet $10 there will be another spy arrest in the upcoming months.

Mohamed said...

Actually Memz, it's not the whole world claiming he worked for the Mossad, it's only former Mossad officers who are claiming that, maybe they're right, maybe they're just trying to save face, but if you look at the facts, the Israelis were caught completely off guard, which absolutely voids the claims that they were prewarned by him, the other thing, after the war, Sadat elevated him to some very important positions with no explanation whatsoever, which means that Sadat knew something about his service to the country that the public didn't know about.
As I've said the man is dead and he can't defend himself now, and I'm not a big fan of him or his father in law, but it would be a grave injustice to accuse him of something like treason while he might have been doing the opposite, we might never know, although I'm starting to lean towards the hero scenario rather than the traitor one, we might never know, right now, I'm satisfied enough that I know who the "in law" mentioned in the Eve of destruction was.