Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Mr. Khaled Mesh'al, after cockily leading the Hamas invasion from his remote seat in Damascus (and I think anybody following the news from an unbiased source reporting on the ground - rather than papers relying locally on hearsay "from their domestic sources" for their stories - will clearly see that Hamas calculatingly exploited a crisis to push a political agenda of its own; or in Mahmoud Zahar’s own words: "Sometimes it's necessary to create a crisis to settle another one." That genius concept of Palestinian diplomacy. A crisis, I may add, that Hamas, together with the asshole Olmert, and that other branch of Palestinian resistance Fatah, is largely responsible for creating in the first place), will be arriving in Cairo soon to set his terms. I hope that President Mubarak, after receiving his guest, bids him farewell with a befitting boot in the ass.

As for our anarchists who cheered on agda3 nas's shooting and pelting of our "pigs", and the other ridiculous individuals who felt ashamed by them "to be Egyptian" for their trying to do their job and guard the borders, I think the next time they take up the cause of the poor villagers of Orsaya, or the farmers of Dekerness, I'll take their words with a grain of salt; I assure them that each one of these people had at one point in their lives fulfilled their civic service as a "pig". And each one of these pigs serving now in Rafah does have a family to get back to once again at the end of the day.

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