Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Inappropriate Theatrics

This is why I never supported Ayman Nour.

My heart dropped when I woke up this morning to see this front page of Al Ghad's newspaper.

The bold headlines read:

"After the sentence of Al Ghad's president to 5 years

Assassination of Ayman Nour

Black Day in the History of Democracy

Nour's last words: "God nah nah nah (intranslatable, i.e: his protest to God)...history won't forgive them."

So I unfold the front page and my eye searchingly follows down to his editorial column...

His usual picture is there, but his column space is left blank.

I immediately look at the front page of the other newspapers. No news of Ayman Nour's death. As I presumed, this turned out to be just another stunt that Ayman decided to pull off from behind bars.

Ayman Nour always came off to me as some sort of theatrical clown than a responsible leader capable of guiding Egypt through a critical chapter of its history that would lead to its democratization.

So Ayman, your sham trial and sentence were unfair...but c'mon yaani, we are on the same boat as you don't have to give us heart attacks as well.

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Seneferu said...

In fairness to Nour, I still haven't heard him speak. But you can understand my initial impression of him so far.