Friday, December 30, 2005

Sudanese Refugees Killed in Clashes with Police

This is absolutely horrible. The minister of interior must resign over this.

List of things that happened under his watch: Taba bombing, Sharm el Sheikh bombing, Public sexual harrassment of women protesters by "camouflaged" state security thugs, Shooting and killing of Egyptian voters in parliamentary elections, and now the killing of Sudanese refugees. Who is next on his list, old women in wheelchairs?

It's like he's screaming for a reason to be fired, and lucky for him we are in minister-changing season as our Prime Minister is now appointing his new government. The last three actions demonstrate just complete and utter stupidity, multiplying because of their innecessity. If he is not responsible for these decisions, then whoever was must resign. Otherwise I don't see why the government is keeping such a huge and rising liability on its hands.

The justification from the CNN report:

The Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesman said the Sudanese who died in the scuffles were "old and sick," adding that refugees pelted security forces with "bottles of alcohol."

Just for the stupidity of this statement the ministry should resign.

Read Freedom for Egyptians' commentary on this.

(I previously wrote that the police shot the refugees, however the reports I read don't mention any shooting so I fixed the mistake. Some of them may have died from beating, others from stampeding, but the situation is still as tragic as it is.)


Alaa said...

you forgot failing to control sectarian violence in several ocassions, toshka, record achievment in the number of people killed in police stations and prisons, killing people in demonstration at least twice a year, high profile crimes like that bank in asuit, and the strange mass murders in menia, the price of drugs the only thing going down>

Seneferu said...

Oh, I'm not counting...but I'm very glad that somebody's keeping track:-) Welcome to the blog.