Friday, December 30, 2005

The Irony of it All...

It is interesting that this latest story should be directly related to my previous post about the theatrics of Ayman Nour.

After his sentence was announced in court, among the things that Nour shouted out was a call for his supporters to join in civil disobedience these Sudanese refugees who had been squatting for months in this spot in Cairo (Although they are protesting for different reasons, namely the UNHCR and not the Egyptian government - all the more reason why the responsible authorities should resign, for their crime of callous stupidity). The thought of Egyptians turning into some form of mass civil disobedience must have put the authorities into a panic, causing them to order a final crackdown and removal of these camping refugees from this central spot in Cairo.

I thought this was a good thought on the part of Ayman Nour, but it is something he should have acted on while he was a free person and not something he should simply shout out only after his sentence is announced and he is being led to prison.

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