Thursday, January 26, 2006

Government Officially Tampers with Egyptian Liberalism

I told you that this wouldn't be the end of the story for the reformation of the Wafd. After the government's Political Parties Committee initially ruled that the Wafd's leadership was an internal party matter that does not concern it, the deposed government crony No'man Gomaa got the Attorney Genereral to rule that he had the right to re-enter the party and assume his previous position. Interim leader Mahmoud Abaza and the reformers objected that this ruling was given after hearing only Gomaa's complaint and without even hearing their rebuttal. Meanwhile, the members of the Wafd have sworn not to let him in. Here are a few pictures that give you an idea of how unpopular Gomaa is among the Wafdists:

Under their feet

A personal favourite; protest with pictures of Gomaa with swastikas drawn on them

One protester tied himself to the gate. The sign on his back reads: "Over my body, No'man, you will enter".

Today's papers report that government police have already surrounded the party headquarters to implement the Attorney General's ruling to let Gomaa in, by force if necessary. Meanwhile the maniacally crazy dictator Gomaa, although he hasn't even entered the party yet himself, already ordered the firing of the party newspaper's editor in chief Abbas El Trabeely.

What I really don't understand is why the government's ruthlessly Machiavellian political strategists haven't got it through their heads yet that it is in the government's interests to strengthen the Egyptian liberal parties before the whole country goes down the drain.

Can they really be that selfish?

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Doubting Thomas said...

Yes, they could. The worst thing from their point of view is a secular liberal political movement that could replace them. As long as their opposition is Islamists, no one here wants to see them lose power.