Friday, February 10, 2006

Kosa we Batates...

I read in today's papers that Mido is scheduled to appear before the stadium before today's final match of the African footbal championship, so he can broadcast his apology to the coach and the Egyptian people for his shocking behaviour in the last game.

First of all, he does not really mean it because he previously apologized to the Egyptian fans while refusing to apologize to the coach. Secondly, even if he does mean it now, who is Mido to steal the spotlight from the national team before 80 million Egyptians and the rest of the African continent, in order for us to hear his apology? I hope this reported story is not true, because if it is and he does proceed with this plan, it will only solidify the national impression of what a self-absorbed brat he is.

He does owe a public apology, but he should pick a more appropriate time and method to do this.

I commend Hassan Shehata and Ahmed Shobeir for all the professional discipline they have shown in running the national team and football association, and I condemn all the corrupt interferences that have tried to interfere with their work in this incident on behalf of reversing the disciplinary punishment of this player. I was taken by surprise to see this professionalism, yet it is interesting to see before your eyes how corruption tries to insert itself in every available opportunity and crack in the system.

When will 3o'det el khawaga end with some people?

The stadium looks great now, less than half an hour before the game begins.

The only bad omen: the refereeing team has two Maghrebis, and the Tunisian head referee was previously convicted of refereeing fraud to influence a game (Uh oh!).

Wish us luck!

Go Egypt!

[Update: I stumbled upon this interesting quote from Mido in Friday, February 10th's edition (the day of the Final) of the Daily Star. I thought I should share it with you, just so you won't say I was being too tough on the little brat: "In Egypt they are amateurs. The manager is an amateur, the team are amateurs," Mido was quoted as saying by the Daily Express in London. "They think they know everything. People can call me an arrogant Premiership player. The fact is that I am a Premiership player and they are amateurs," added the 22-year old striker, who performed below expectations.

"I have not spoken to Shehata since the incident. I don't care about him. He is a local guy. Before he was in charge of the national team, he managed a second division side."

"I want to play for Egypt again, of course. But I don't regret what I did."

"I was disappointed by the decision to ban me. I don't know why they took it. If they win tomorrow now they can say they took a good disciplinary decision. They will be heroes. But if they lose it will be because of Mido and the trouble he caused. That's how things go."

Shouldn't there be a measuring line that says: "If you are this much of a brat, you are not allowed to play in our national team"? He speaks of himself in the third person. This is even more arrogant than Seneferu's prophecies...This is heresy I tell you!:-)

On a more serious note, just so you can understand the way Al Jazeera operates with its vehement anti-Egyptian political and cultural agenda, they were reveling in exploiting this ensuing controversy in the national team to the fullest, propagating the statements of this brat against the popular confidence in the competence of the management side of the Egyptian national team. Well I guess I should take pleasure in knowing how upset they must have been when we won:-P]

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Faisal said...

Anti-Egyptian or not, Al Jazeera is more non-biased than any Egyptian news or Tv channel (Public ones I mean).

They are also one of the only decent Arabic news channels.

Furthermore, Ahmed Shobeir is a pompous fool who thinks the world of himself. This is a man who kept criticizing Hassan Shehata so much that Mubarak told him to shut it... and of course, being the government dog that he is, he Shut Up.

I will not, of course, deny that what Mido did was inappropriate in every way.