Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Thank Heavens

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has announced that it will not join a coalition government with Hamas and Fatah. We wouldn't want it to tarnish the reputation of these two lovebirds, would we?

It seems that the three political factions/"liberation" movements are relaying amongst themselves the role of "terrorist" and "ruler" in a political game of 'musical chairs'.

Hamas however is living up to its new role of responsibility as head of the new Palestinian government, and is giving diplomacy every chance available to make ends meet:

"There is still time to reach understanding with these forces," he said. "It's hasty to consider what we hear in the media as final positions," he said.

Meshaal told reporters in Cairo "resistance will remain a legitimate right" of the Palestinian people "until the liberation of its land and recovery of its rights."

"The movement (Hamas) will not stand against resistance. It will not condemn resistance operations," he said, adding that it would also not arrest guerrillas fighting Israel.

This is getting funnier by the day.

AP photo of an Islamic Jihad demonstration. Shouldn't this man with the machine gun be torn to pieces by the cartoon rioters for defaming not only the name of the Prophet (pbuh), but God Almighty?

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