Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Go Egypt!

Egypt just played a great game against Senegal in the semi-final of the Africa Cup of Nations, beating it 2-1. We will now play a tough final showdown this Friday against Cote d'Ivoire, which will be thirsty for revenge as we beat them good in the first round of our group.

Nigeria was less fortunate today, losing from Cote d'Ivoire 1-0. Nigeria played one of the best games of the tournament against Tunisia in the quarter finals. I thought they were the best representatives of strength and grace, and I loved the way their fans played great trumpet music throughout their entire games, whether they were winning or losing they seemed to be having, and hoping for, a good time. Tunisia on the other hand played as violently as ever, losing even though it had two Brazilian players on their attack squad. What a shame!:-) I hope they get disqualified from the World Cup, because what then is the point of the word "Nations" in the "Africa Cup", or the World Cup for that matter?

Stay tuned for stadium reports from Tomanbay and Big Pharaoh if they attended the game.

And by the way,


I just had to say that.


Tomanbay said...

Will you're right on...I did attend the game...and I have all the pics...I'll post later today...
Stay tuned!!

Thanks for the plug Seneferu...appreciated!

The Sandmonkey said...

In agreement!

Seneferu said...

Toman, no problem, yalla warreena ba2a what went on in the stadium:-)

Sam, cheers again.

Tomanbay said...

here is the full action senefru-boy...
this is just for you!
dont forget to tell me what you think of the suggestion at the end...I'd really appreciate if you spread the word..thanx!

Anonymous said...

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