Sunday, March 12, 2006

Idolatry again

This one is funny. The timely infidel is none other than Ayman Nour:

Meanwhile, the second-place finisher in last year's presidential election, Ayman Nour, is serving a five-year prison sentence on charges of forging documents. Human rights groups say the charges are trumped up, and a chief witness in the case told the court that police forced him to testify against Nour.

Nour is also being investigated for other alleged crimes, including assaulting an NDP member and setting up a statue in a public square, which, under Egyptian law, can qualify as an offense against Islam. Last month, police questioned his wife, Gamila Ismael, for allegedly assaulting policemen.

Modern Cairo is adorned with beautiful statues in each of its public squares. The statues are all government sanctioned. They date back to Egypt's pre-revolutionary addition to one ugly new one placed in Tahrir square just a few years ago. You can see the obvious difference in workmanship and taste between then and now.

When the poor guy is already serving an unfair prison sentence, and in addition to that they want to invoke this archaicly latent and embarassingly comedic law (what are they thinking?), you can only agree that yes, they do really "have it in for him".

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