Thursday, March 09, 2006

In defense of the Sandmonkey

Tomanbay, I won't get into details of the brawl you have with Sandmonkey, so my feedback will be a brief commentary in form of a belated response to this strange comment that you made last month to this post "The trouble with Egyptian bloggers" which I stumbled upon by chance - something I've been wanting to do, but refrained from responding to in avoidance of an unnecessary row. But now that you have let the issue out of the bottle, this would be the appropriate time for my response.

Anyway, this is the disputed comment that you made:

"hawkish Egyptian bloggers"! that's the word I was looking for...I couldn't agree more with both of you. A lot of Egyptian bloggers are trying to be more royal than the king. And as you put it they're trying to distance themselves from their ppl by actually trying to take just opposite decisions. If ppl hate America, then they're all for America. Which I think is plain stupid, because there are many shades in between, which they're failing to see. I for once like the US (just like every other country out there really). I have no reason to hate the country, but I have every reason to despise the administration. Even from an American prespective I have reasons to do so. Of course if I went on in my blog and said that, you'll have reactions like : you arabs, so and so!!!In a way I see most of the bloggers that you're referring to are guilty of the same sins they're tring to pint out in their own people: narrow focus, intolerance, and inferiority complexes.


I don't fault you for an opinion you may have, and as you know, it would be unnatural for you to agree with everything that somebody says. But I was taken aback by how different what you said here was from the comments that you left in these people's blogs, and how different it was from the posts you wrote in your own blog. And I can't help but state the obvious basic presumption that what you say here is an unfair misrepresentation of these "so and so" bloggers, given the fact that they openly welcome and receive your posts in their own blogs. And while you admit here that you don't express your opinions of America in fear of anticipated reaction from possible critics, at least these people openly express how they feel about the issues that they cover and about their political and cultural affiliations, and as far as I can see, they do the best they can in answering critical challenges to their opinions. I can only ask the same of you now; to write clearly about your opinions of the world in your blog, rather than keep them bottled up for so long until you surprise us all when you eventually explode in the midst of us (and no, I am not calling you a suicide bomber - but you can see the similarity). Only then, if somebody has an issue with an opinion that you state, can he challege it - and if he does not, he may leave it alone. But hiding your opinions in the dark, and resting all your criticism on what Sandmonkey says or does not say just doesn't cut it (and Mohamed, especially you come to mind when I say this: step forward into the light from behind this obscurity) - and is not in any way considered fair play. Sandmonkey is an intelligent and champion blogger, but he is not preaching the gospel, and to the best of my knowledge, he never claimed to do so; the world does not rest on what Sandmonkey does or does not say.

So Sandmonkey,

Keep up the good work. We love your blog.

And Toman,

Also keep up the good posts (but no more plagiarism! Just kidding...but really!:)) , but please from now on try to shed some more light in your own posts on what you think of these worldly issues that you agree on or disagree with. Only in such a transparent atmosphere can we then have a worthy and civilized debate.

Good luck to both of you,



Tomanbay said...

I really have no clue where did you get the idea that I'm hiding any of my thoughts in the dark. y should I??
what I said was that "Of course if I went on in my blog and said that, you'll have reactions like : you arabs, so and so!!!"...but I never said that I wouldn't do it, or that I'm afraid of doing it!!!! In fact if u r not a sound-biter (and a bit bitter i might add :) ), you could've read my earlier posts in which I took very clear issues with the Bush administration. It is just not much, because this is not the most important topic for me (i.e. I talk about it only when there is a reason).Capeesh?!

Your analogy between me and the suicide bombers is just, I'm cracking up, I really can't compose a decent response to this (there isn't one really!!)...but really ...come on..give me a break man!

In case you didn't get it...when somebody criticize somebody's opinions its called a's not an attack, or a brawl..., or a bomb for that matter (man..u r hilarious!)

but hey, ur input is appreciated nevertheless...
(God, it is really hard stopping oneself from being mean, when there is such an easy target!!)

Seneferu said...

In regards to the analogy, I am just saying that it was surprising, that's all.

But at the bottom of the matter, I do agree that we need to express our differences, and maybe good will come out of this if the opinions manage to reach a more common ground. We just need to figure out an appropriate way to this. More suggestions would be welcome.

Seneferu said...

You know what, from now on I won't comment on other bloggers. And to tell you the truth, I did view Tomanbay's criticism of Sandmonkey as hostile (whether this impression is justified or not is for you to judge), and I also feel bad about my own criticism in this post...not because it is wrong in itself, but because the proper atmosphere for debate is not here.

So when you guys agree on a proper platform for discussion, let me know. Until then I'll just mind my own business.