Monday, April 17, 2006

Proof that Safinaz has lost it

Safinaz Qazim weighs in on the "statue controversy":

"It is a fact that Islam as a religion preaches a conduct of 'abstraction' and this does not match with the concepts of figuration as applied in art." -- Safinaz Kazim, Al-Qahira

You can't help but feel sympathy for Safinaz Qazim as you see her in the documentary film Four Women of Egypt. She comes off as a likeable example of many Egyptian women who were free spirited in the liberal era of their early days, but later turned with the current to a path of religious conservatism. But a sympathy mixed with surprise at the adopted concept of funamentalism which appears to discard a big portion of the logical part of the brain, along with the fanatical endorsement of that which does not make any sense.


Alaa said...

gah I hate her guts, I used to read her weekly columns just to fuel myself with rage that will keep me going the rest of the week. then I got married and found out one can survive without rage but that's another stoy.

I still hate her guts, but I try to avoid siretha

Seneferu said...

lol, well the film has led me to not read her columns to avoid this feeling. But I still liked her, mixed with this strange feeling of surprise that I described.