Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another measurement thing

mish 2ased 2asada3kom bas a few border blowings deserve a couple of blogposts in return...

The overwhelming number of 70 gunmen that hailed on the border to perform operation "shoot-us-some-Egyptians-one-more-time" is an interesting matter.

As it turns out, there was another recent brotherly border blowing that I was totally unaware of on the 29th of June. The unique thing about that particular incident however, was that it was actually stopped for the first time:

Egyptian and Palestinian security guards on their respective sides of the border prevented any civilians from crossing through the hole.

Egyptian security forces sent riot police, fire trucks and armored personnel carriers for reinforcement, an AFP correspondent saw from the Palestinian side of the border.

Eh el 7alawa di! Tit7issdo 3aleiha wallahi!

So the failure of this operation must have been a shocker to the militants that caused them to leave with their tails between their tnt and legs.

"The times are hard. People want to go to Egypt, take a trip, buy some goods, get a breath of fresh air," said Abu Wiam, 18, standing among the crowd by the wall.

Hence they decided to show up again, this time as 70 Hamas militants in a show of force and bravado to enhance the people's confidence in their border-blowing capabilities. They even added their own dramatic line as well, to crown their comeback achievement:

Militants from the ruling Hamas party said they opened the border gate as a "gift" to the Palestinian people.

Can this latest episode also be a measurement thing?

[Cartoon from Cairo Freeze]

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