Friday, July 14, 2006

Brotherly Border Blowing # ?

With all the insanity that's going on in the world right now, our brothers the Palestinians decided to pay us another brotherly visit:

On Friday about 70 gunmen assailed the border between Gaza and Egypt at Rafah, blowing a six-metre (20-foot) hole in a frontier wall.

Hundreds of people then forced their way past Palestinian and Egyptian border guards.

Some walked through the breach carrying suitcases, others ran, while others hobbled through on crutches.

Some cheered "God is greatest".

Rafah is the only land border between Gaza and the outside world, apart from those with Israel.

No biggie, right? The broken wings of the 70 gunmen led them astray.

AP: 3 Egyptian officers were wounded, not one.


Alaa said...

but I thouht the hole was on the palestinian side this time, they blew it so the people trapped after leaving Egypt could get in.

Seneferu said...

Hi Alaa, welcome back. I don't know what to say anymore. Yes but I still don't see how it's ok for people to blow open our border whenever they want. I understood that it was Israel that was sealing the border, not Egypt. And an Egyptian officer was wounded. You could argue that there is a moral equivilency here in disregard for non-Israeli and non-Palestinian interests and lives.