Sunday, June 25, 2006

Daughter of the Nile

"Daughter of the Nile" by Hassan Heshmat.

I find it ironic that it's the museum of the late sculptor of this powerful statue that fell victim to the crazy rampage of the munaqaba lady who was apparently carrying out the verdict of the strange fatwa that ruled statues idolotrous.

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Ayyam said...

That is so sad Seneferu! When will Mufti think and open his eyes before he talks?...Why doesn't he consider the real issues and all the misery around him instead of saying something stupid like that Fatwa? Unfortunately guys like him have painted Islam as a religion which is not compatible with art, beauty and science. All of these Fatwas just stem from problems that goes back more than 1400 years ago and does not exist nowadays. We have had many of these status over the centuries and non was worshipped, so why on earth that stupid guy bother bringing irrelevant problem that is uncalled for? ...It seems to me, we are heading toward some kind of dark ages which could be even much worse than that of Europe.