Friday, June 23, 2006

So so sad

Notice how George W. Bush, the Evangelical born-again Christian, feels defeated that he wasn't able to pass on the great Jewish conspiracy against the Christian faith to the mostly Muslim people of Egypt.

The meanings of this drawing are so deep that it should be placed in a museum and stared at for hours to fully grasp its depths.

Hooray, we have foiled "The Plot"!

[Translation courtesy of the Egyptian Onion, I mean...Gazette]

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Ayyam said...

I bet the funny caricaturist didn’t get the full meaning behind his own drawing. Perhaps the main point is we don't allow criticism on any issues that are "sensitive" to our people! So the message is simple; teach people to have no criticism and you will avoid democracy.

In other words, the government cares about the rights and feelings of Christian Egyptians and protect it against the Jewish propaganda? So, all of a sudden our problems are just coming from outside? I guess we can also refuse democracy because Israel got one, and we must show them that we are different indeed!!! I guess another tasteless caricature will come soon telling us that they also have foiled the plot of democratic reformers!