Monday, December 11, 2006

Ikhwan militias

Karate time, Daniel san.


Kawabunga! The Ninja Turtles generation goes militant.

Al masry al yom labels the top picture as "violence is met with violence."

Do you agree with this?

* Photos by Amr Abdallah.

Update on the morning after effect:

The masked Kung Fu fighting parade managed to freak out the columnists of Almasry Al yom: Khairy Ramadan is afraid for his children, Hamdy Rizk is disgusted by the brotherhood and fed up with those who make excuses for them, and the editor Magdi el Gallad comes down hard on the brotherhood and the stupidity of the Egyptian opposition - which is good after the stupid caption that was written over the pictures yesterday.

And this is just the reaction from today, we should be expecting many more condemnations in the days to come, and I'm just waiting for a colourful retraction from the brotherhood...which hasn't been issued yet, confirming further their responsibility for the parade.

* I have one question for the trendy people who cheer on the tactics of Hamas, Hizbollah and the Aqsa Martyring Brigades (I hereby specify their 'internal border' liberating escapades, to save ourselves the unnecessary ensuing trouble) from the comfort of their own homes: how do you feel when their tactics take root in your own society, against your society? It's not so comforting now is it.

Update day 2, on the 'colourful excuse' I was waiting for:

إلا أن جماعة الإخوان أصدرت بياناً نفت فيه أن يكون الهدف مما حدث، هو استعراض القوة أو التصعيد ضد جهة بعينها، مؤكدة أن الصورة المنشورة في «المصري اليوم»، كانت عبارة عن فقرة «تمثيلية» ضمن برنامج الاعتصام المفتوح بالمدينة الجامعية، الذي كان عبارة عن أناشيد إسلامية وفقرات تمثيلية.

أصل الفنون الننجاوية دى يا جماعة مش بدع آسياوية يا جهلة يا كفرة. دى رياضات اسلامية اصيلة. ومين قال إن دا كاراتيه؟ دول كانوا بى مثلوا وبالأمارة العيال قاعدة بتتفرج عليهم. أتعلموا بئى يا جهلة وبلاش لماضة. أخوكم سنفرو.

And they deny that this terrorist rally was pre-planned or held in front of the office of the Azhar university president Ahmed El Tayyeb, but unluckily for them Al masry Al yom stands by its story and confirms that they were notified of the rally in advance and it did take place in front of the president's office.

In any case the brotherhood doesn't have too much to worry about...many of the left leaning reporters who make up our press seem to have entered a passionate love affair with these monadeleen groups. Hey, they look like clones of Hamas, Hizbollah and the Martyring Brigades, and that is a plus as far as they're concerned.

Yalla...who cares anymore, right?


Seneferu said...

It is hilarious that a muslim brother student of Al Azhar mis-spelled "samidoun". Look at the second picture from the top.

Belya said...

If that's true, MB displaying power in the university , that would be total stupidity. Homma na2seen mashakel ?!!!
I don't support them, bas ana maba7ebesh el-3'abawa

Ayyam said...

Seneferu I am not sure these guys would be them...MB aren't stupid to do such thing anymore....Their leaders have learned the hard way and concluded that direct confrontation with the government is counterproductive and get them to nowhere near what they like to have....Beside they will achieve better and long lasting results with persuasion and playing politics.

Seneferu said...

Are you suggesting that these aren't ikhwan, but state security dressed up as them to make them look bad? I didn't think of this.

I wouldn't think so, but the ikhwan would be more than grateful to adopt your explanation as a perfect retraction in tomorrow morning's papers!:-)

It should be noted that this is the reporting of the 'independant' al masry al youm, which fell for it by indirectly justifying it with the "violence is met with violence" caption.

Allahu a3lam.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seneferuuuuuuu; That is a bit too wild guess. I am not suggesting anything like that at all! It is just too stupid act to be true. How can MB attach itself with low class militia like that, Kung fu, karate, and may be they are backing this with fart bombs...Funny thing though why state security police didn't diffuse this protest as they usually do?…
On the other hands, if these gangs are related to MB, then what has happened is just the tip of the iceberg, and we should brace ourselves for more yet to come…..

By the way the student wrote samidon correctly on the mask! Just enlarged the photo...


Seneferu said...

yes I think you are right. Although I did enlarge the picture myself and still couldn't make out the saud from the sin!:) Those tricky ninjas.

Seneferu said...


Here is the confirmation that they belong to the ikhwan, despite the colourful and conflicting attempts to deny it.

Mohamed said...

The samedoon misspelling pretty much sums it all, RIP Egypt.

Urban_Infidel said...

What? No jumping through the dreaded hoops of fire? Its just not a paramilitary demonstration without those.

The upshot is, they did you a favor by showing the world what jackasses they are.