Friday, January 19, 2007

A night out at the movies

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. The image of the boy King Farouk was actually scratched out of a motion picture. And of all places, these scribbled-out scenes were in the courts of law and justice. So I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped away at the remaining moments.

Given the nature of the motion picture, the scribble was continuosly moving as the boy king plays picaboo with the camera lens.

أمام المحكمة

.مشخبطاتى باشا: العدل أساس الملك و حقانية إيه .. القانون دلوقتى فـ أجازة يا حلوين

.المليجى: ياحمد أنا لازم أقول لك الحقيقة .. أنا بوك ياحمد
!كمال الشناوى: أبويا؟

.المليجى: آيوه ياحمد , كانت غلطة حياتى .. غلطة أيام شبابى



Mohamed said...

You must be kidding me Seneferu, haven't you noticed this quintessential act of the 60's childlishness and pettyness before? Just try any Anwar Wagdy or Nageeb el Re7any movie (the black patch behind the singers in '3azl el banat is very hard to miss), still nothing makes my blood boil more than watching this piece of crap called Rod Kalby, when everything is turned upside down, or those sixties movies when they refer to the pre 1952 people as "el nas el batt-ala bta3et zaman", as if Sala7 Nasr we 3abdel 7akeem 3amer we Shams Badran we Samy Sharaf etc to infinity were
" nas mish batta-leen", el kelab.

Seneferu said...

I know it's old news to many, but I didn't notice it myself. I presumed that these scenes would be edited or muted out, but didn't expect this moving scribble thing. I thought it not possible. What would be the process involved in blacking it out, I am interested to know if anybody does.