Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stop the impending genocide

I'm no fan of Bridgette Bardot for her statements about us that I've read in the past, but in this case I really hope her campaign to stop this massacre succeeds. And it's always the convenient excuse of the "women and children" being used - and you just know that the person writing this piece is neither a woman nor a child, but in all probability an almost middle-aged man who at the thought of facing a stray dog in the streets is wetting his pants.

Go Bardot!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Family Jewels?

...عمّو شرشر بيقول

"عبدالناصر استبدل 3500 جنيه من معاشه ليزوج بناته"...

A lady I know spotted the picture above in the July issue of an Egyptian fashion/celebrity-society-photo magazine...

...and said no matter how much money you have, you can't afford to buy so many jewels (rubies, she maybe mentioned?) on your necklace. She was implying that this necklace probably belonged to the jewellery acquisitioned by "the revolution" from the Royal family.

I don't know much about jewels myself - she could be right, and very well be wrong - but there's just a thought, at least to what the esteemed Mr. Sharshar says...

(Disclaimer: This post seems to me like a typical Adel Hammouda muckraking moment, so I apologize for that, but Mr. Sharshar's editorial just provoked me into sharing this fleeting thought...)

Monday, September 10, 2007


.بكل سلاسة سحب البساط من تحت الصيف وقال للحَر موت

تعرفوا إن الناظر والكاتب المصرى كانوا بيكتبوا بالترقيم القبطى, أى الترقيم المصرى القديم, فى تسجيلهم وتدوينهم للمحاصيل و مساحات الأراضى الزراعية لغاية حكم محمد على؟

أى أن المصريين إستمروا يكتبوا كتابة مصرية صِرف لغاية متين سنة فاتوا بس؟

وإن الكتابة دى ماتبخّرتش كده من مافيش, وإنما منعت منعاً باتاً بأوامر الباشا الكبير؟

.ما كنتش أعرفها المعلومة دى أنا كمان.. وادينى اهه عرفت

.كل سنة وانتم طيبين