Thursday, January 24, 2008

Innocent yet jagged question

Workers' unions aside; why does Baheyya queen of the blogosphere prop up the Libyan lackeys of Al-Karama every other post?

* And speaking of unions, isn't it a tad bit ironic that a leader of a workers' union strike should also be an activist leader of the Nasserist party? Sort of like a curator of a massive Holocaust museum..two-timing as a leader of the good old Nazi party? Do the Nasserists forget that it was a military tribunal of the Revolutionary Command Council which instilled terror in the hearts of the unions since over 50 years back by executing the union leaders Khamis and Ba'ri just a few weeks after the coup? Or did they erase this minor fact from their collective history? And do they realize that when they protest in support of the judges, in fear of repetition of another massacre of the judiciary, that it was none other than the idol they wave in their banners who performed the only such massacre to date owning up to this infamous name?

Indeed...Mr Abu Eitta was born only months after Khamis and Ba'ri were executed, and only a happy child when the Egyptian judiciary was positively massacred..he is innocent of these events, and, chances are, himself a pleasant and likable man. But the foolish political advertisement is no more excusable than that of the eccentric curator standing over there..solemnly commemorating the Holocaust in his most fashionable swastika boots.

What's next, the Stalinist party for democratic reform? OK, ok..we already have one of several such here...


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Welcome back Seneferu! I have many posts to read to catch up :) lol

Would love to hear your views about Ghaza/Rafah borders et all.

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