Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Rumour Department

I thought the feature article was just a joke until now that I read it.

Chewing gum is rarely the object of national obsession, and little wonder: How much is there to say about it, anyway? In fact, it's a wonderful way of getting a bit of peace and quiet. Give your spouse a piece to still their busy mouth. Offer it to the kids and they'll have clean teeth and minty-fresh breath.

Or hand a stick to a colleague and get free sex.

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Leilouta said...

The problem is that I give my husband a piece to still his busy mouth when talking politics, but it gets worse,he then keeps talking while chewing with his mouth open which drives me even crazier.

Seneferu said...

Hmm...I am trying to think of a remedy for your situation, a fictitious Egyptian-rumour-produced gum or potion...

Anonymous said...

Dear Senefru,

I’m an Egyptian journalist currently doing an MA in the UK. For my final project, I am building a website about Egypt’s political blogs, aiming mainly to report on the conversation taking place on these dynamic new spaces. It also serves as a hub for bloggers, a forum for commentary by experts and journalists on the state of the media in Egypt as well as on the future and impact of citizen journalism.

I would appreciate it if you’d agree to an interview for me to post on my site. An email interview would be fine, but I would much rather speak to you in person. I am willing to call you at your convenience and I don’t have a problem at all if you prefer to remain anonymous. I am only interested in your blog persona and the formidable waves it’s creating.

Please contact me by email at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Rania Al Malky

Seneferu said...

Formidable waves...are you kidding me?:-) I am flattered but you give me too much credit:)