Sunday, June 04, 2006

امسك دافنشى

The sad part is that if The Davinci Code weren't banned from screening, riots would have indeed broken out of the churches of Egypt. So in a sad kind of way, I am proud that we Egyptians, our Christians and our Muslims, are still a nation of one.

الشىء المؤسف بجد هو إن لو كان شفرة دافنشى اتعرض , كانت قامت المظاهرات فعلا فى كنايس مصر. عشان كده, فى طريقتا ما انا فخور اننا ,مسلمينا و مسيحيينا, مازلنا شعبا واحد.

فى 1919 توحد الهلال مع الصليب والشعب يهتف لاستقلال مصر. وفى القرن الواحد والعشرين يتظاهر مسلمينا ضد رسومات كارتون و مسيحيينا ضد( بحب السيما)

الجهل والتطرف يحتوينا جميعا

Ignorance encompasses us all.


Egyptian Bet said...

ya Khosara, law seme3t en haybee3o el movie fe 7eta tanya write about it or send me an email please, I really want to see the movie.

Seneferu said...

Will do. But the reviews seem negative so far.

Egyptian Bet said...

Yeah I've seen them, but I just have to see it!
Now I want to see it even more after the stupid ban

Mohamed said...

Actually the movie's quiet good, not as the book, yet still pretty awesome. I thought the best part was the end scene (although it's the same one as the book),it was filmed in a way more better and stronger than described by the book.

Seneferu said...

Zakri ya bit!:-)

Freedom for Egyptians said...

I saw the movie two weeks ago, actually, I liked it very much. It is worth seeing if you are not thinking religion. It is a movie like any other movie based on a NOVEL. It is sold at the novel's section not the religious.

Seneferu said...

Mo and Freedom, then maybe the negative reviews are part of a smear campaign because of the subject of the the The Passion of the Christ?

Egyptian Bet said...

Yeah freedom I agree that it should be sold at the novel's section not the religious one.
I loved the book, but I hate open endings, I wanted him to dig it out at the end.

emte7anatna tweela zehe2t :p

Seneferu said...
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