Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yay to Palestinian involvement?

So the Egyptian government suddenly decided to announce that indeed there was international, specifically Palestinian, involvement in the bombings that have been hitting us in Sinai for the past two years. And they decided to acknowledge that, yes, some of the regularly transfered funds such as this ambitious billion pound donation program (how many happy millionaires would that make of the claimed benefactors of 'women and children and old men'? And why were the billions that were already extorted by Arafat now lost in his secret bank accounts instead of being given to these people who are really in need? Now Hamas is saying that it needs the money to pay the government emloyees' salaries, but why should we be paying the salaries of the militias that invade our national borders and kill Egyptian soldiers?) may actually be used to finance terrorism.

I understand Sandmonkey's skepticism of this sudden declaration by the government, but since all indications were already pointing in that direction I see no reason why not to believe this official confirmation. But I think it's unlikely that Hamas itself would be involved because, unlike Fatah's brotherly martyring brigades, they have been showing some discipline and actually prevented the latest border-blowing incident for a change. Besides, according to the musical chairs theory, there are other groups that are more than willing to fill its previous shoes.

Obviously more needs to be done because, despite earlier promises by Abu Mazen, I haven't heard of any of the culprits of the border attacks being arrested.

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