Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another battle at the border

In case you are wondering why people were so alarmed by the Azhar students' emulation of Hamas and the Martyring Brigades, well this is what the "Arab Guevaras" do:

Gunbattle prompts Gaza crossing shutdown

RAFAH, Gaza Strip - Hamas militants, angry that Israel had blocked the Palestinian prime minister's return to Gaza, burst into the Rafah border terminal Thursday and engaged in a gunbattle with guards before it was closed.

After dark, two loud explosions rocked the area and police said militants blew a hole in the border fence about a half-mile from the crossing. More gunfire was heard, as witnesses said Hamas gunmen were firing at the Egyptian side, drawing return fire from Egyptians and presidential guards from the rival Fatah movement.

This is just sad:

The Palestinian Presidential Guard, responsible for security at the terminal, began firing at the militants, according to an Associated Press reporter at the terminal.

Travelers in the lobby ran for cover, some carrying their luggage. Women and children hid behind walls and taxis standing outside.

The Hamas militants chanted "God is great, let's liberate this place," and seized the arrival hall as border guards escorted the European monitors to safety.


Ayyam said...

Hi Seneferu; Actually a I am trying to pick a quarrel with you, for a change, so please bare with me:
I feel I am missing something here. Why we should be more alarmed from the rise of MB than the current state of the country!. Do you think their eradication would help the country or would bring freedom to Egypt? ...Which alternative choice do you foresee in the near future? Continuation of the current system (Gamal Mubarak), power vacuum, civil unrest, military coup, etc..
Palestinians have tried to choose something other than the corrupt Fateh movement, the only clear choice was HAMAS. If I were Palestinian living under extreme conditions, I would probably have chose the same thing!. It is definitely not the rightness or wrongness that prompt people to make a choice if they are living in hell. Instead, I think, people are trying to make best out of the worse situation...and they may end up making the insane decisions.
Palestinian had an autocratic system, that didn't allow them to share power or express their views on peace or they were doomed by the laws of nature...
Back to Elmahrousa Egypt, we have a hell of our own! We might face the same destiny as we are marching ourselves toward the abyss in every possible way.

Seneferu said...

Ya hala ya hala:)

This post is about the disintegration into militias, and a glimpse of the groups these Egyptian students were copying as role models. I don't know about you, but I can't accept this anarchy as a viable alternative.

Ayyam said...

I don't think any reasonable person would disagree with you on that. Back to the students’ anger/insanity; Why should they be civilized when transiting to "Hamag" state?...They do so, because they can't see it any other way. Instead they are copying the style of the foolish government that has nothing to offer but a cycle of depravation and intimidation. It is a little warning signal, however there are roots to their crazy behavior. I don't think anybody would copy such style elsewhere in Egypt. I believe and hope this was just a rare and isolated incident that won’t happen again. What do you expect when people aren’t satisfied? And how can they voice their objection in a civilized way if the government has prohibit any protest? It is the stupid banana government's actions ya seneferu that is causing all the fuss, nothing more nothing less..
What really worries me much more, is the current status of the country where the majority are discontent about their lives!…When they reach to the limit of endurance, the next episode might be nothing but disastrous.

MemZ said...

yeah dude! It is definitely crazy.
you know, you should give me some promotions just like Monkey