Saturday, December 01, 2007

Musing of the day..من باب النكش

...تحديث: والحمد لله فيه عندنا ستات محترمة بتتكلم؛ حلاوة شمسنا

The eerie silence of Egypt's ever-outspoken activists on such a fundamental national and environmental issue of turning the country to a nuclear energy-based system has led me back to the amusing revelation that we've really got one confused, and confusing, political landscape in Egypt: we've got "liberals" who are often seen as conservative; and a "left" that is militant, and partly fascist (the Nasserist branch of them; and what a great joke it is for some of our numerous "local and Western experts" to label them as left rather than far-right), and so wants to get its freak on with the atom :-)

It's no wonder come to think of it now that the state got el-Tagamu's Rifaat el-Said - the official, if not really the popular, face of the left - to be among its first public signatories of the project; who but the left would really object now to its nuclear proposal?

Smart, very smart.

We mabrouk 3aleikom gamee3an 3asr el nawawi ya ged3aan.


Speak of the devils, we mabrouk tani ya ged3aan:-)

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