Wednesday, December 19, 2007

آخر أخبار

:الزعيم العبئرى المُلهَم وحيد الأقصرى اللى ألهم الوطنى بالنووى يا جدعان

.عدد إمبارح للأهرام *

...وبمناسبة خِرفان العيد

.جريدة العربى الفتية أوى أوى أوى *

:وألذ حاجة إن هؤلاء اللى لا يرتعشون فاتحين جيوبهم عالآخر لمن يموّلون الإعلان دوّت فى صفحتهم الأخيرة

.كل سنة وأنتم يا أعزائى طيبون


Mohamed said...

It's really nice to discover that it was Sadam howa ely '3aras feena feena el 7ob, wel nobl, wel shahama, wel karama.
I'm just trying to picture that, Sadam=Nobl, shahama, we karama, we 7ob? What el sha'7e el zareef da is missing, is that Sadam would consider this as a big insult, as in his eyes those would be considered as sefat wa7ed '7ere3.

Seneferu said...

لئّا يا جاهل: دا بيقصد روايته العظيمة (زبيبة والملك),وهل ينسى أمرئٍ روايته الأخيرة(إمشى من هنا الله يلعنك)؟


He said the Iraqi dictator did not write the books himself, but came up with plot outlines and forced a committee of Information and Culture Ministry officials to actually write them.

"Saddam would record the outlines of his novel on a tape recorder and palace employees would transcribe it and give it to the committee, whose members included a number of writers and intellectuals," Abdel-Amir said.

"They would write the novel and return it to Saddam. It would go back and forth until the novel got his approval."

Signed "a book by its writer", Saddam's nom de plume, the new book was said to be allegorical.